Infinity Star Hotel = Open Sky Bed

Enjoy the unusal experience and book a night in the open sky doublebed in our Infinity Star Hotel. Experience a night in Bohemian Switzerland National Park unlimited by the walls of a hotel room, watch the endless starlit sky, breath the fresh forest air, listen to the sounds of the nature and maybe spot a deer, fox or another interesting creature.


Don’t worry, the open sky bed experience is always combined with a reservation of a standard room inside the hotel. If the weather becomes bad (rain, strong winds, etc.), you can always return into your hotel room, moreover, we guarantee your money back if the weather gets bad.

The price for one night in our open sky bed is 60 € and it includes a bottle of delicious Czech wine.

You might arouse curiosity from some of the other guests before it gets dark. However, when the night comes, the infinite starlit sky is only yours.

Don’t get discouraged, it’s a real lifetime experience and an excellent tip for a present for your beloved better half.

Experience more than just the endless night sky in our Infinity Star Hotel.

P.S. Dew falling on your cheeks isn’t an imperfection of the product, but expected part of the experience.

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Mezná 90, Hřensko